Fourth Mint PixelTiles Banner

Hello adventurers,

Vledic Franco here, the fifth batch of PixelTiles feature ALL adventurers! Since the game is still not too close I wanted to give you more adventurers to collect first, although I am sure that you will want to get furniture once you can start building your tavern in the game ;).

All of these will be part of the next reward date! Tomorrow!

I want to create something that you truly desire to collect, I really hope that these collectables bring you some kind of joy to your lives.

For the future I envision a game with thousands of PixelTiles and hundred of thousands of collectors, for that there are some new mechanics to obtain PixelTiles which are currently in development. So stay tunned and please use Discord #feedback to give any ideas, good and bad experiences with the project.

See you at the tavern!

Vledic Franco.

New Series 1 Batch 5 PixelTiles