First PixelTiles Banner

Hello adventurers, Vledic Franco here, for the 3rth batch of series 1, we have a special guest for our first-ever Legendary (only 10 minted) PixelTile, the head of education of IOG Lars Brünjes! This one is special for me since I am both passionate and in love with functional programming and education, and he has been our teacher through the Plutus Pioneer program.

These 3 PixelTiles are a tribute to a man that shares that passion and love, I know it because I could see it through his eyes and words when he was interviewed by Charles Hoskinson on his youtube channel; I saw in him the same love for mathematics applied to programming, and the same struggles of finding a place in the world where he can live that love.

The design features 2 types of references, first, the iconic bookshelves and headset of his educational videos, and secondly, 2 references to functional programming, namely the Lambda Shield and the orb of eval-apply referencing the book portrait of a legendary book of functional programming called Structure and Interpretation of Programming Languages, in this book the authors claim that making programs is almost undistinguishable from making magic, where the programs are the arcane words and the computers the spirits that we harness to make digital actions impact the real world. Isn’t that cool?

New Series 1 Batch 3 PixelTiles