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Hello adventurers,

Vledic Franco here, already our 3rth reward date has passed! I am super hyped that so many new delegators have joined and I am very much humbled by your deposited trust on this project. Thank you very much. On this reward date we rewarded our first 🎉 Legendary PixelTile #21 Grand Master Lars Brünjes, congratulations to the delegator that won that lucky raffle 🍻🎉.

I also wanted to surprise everyone by rewarding not 1 PixelTile, but 1 full pack like the ones you can get currently at the shop! I also made sure to add 16 Epic and 33 Rares to the raffle, as promised many more than whale delegators.

For future reward dates remember that the more you accumulate in 1 delegated address the higher chances you have of getting an Epic or Legendary level PixelTile, also there will be loyalty rewards for wallets that stay a long time with us and that keep a high delegated amount at all time.

As always remember you can find me on Discord, the #feedback channel is open for any ideas and good or bad experiences, and I encourage you to share your rewards on Discord and Twitter for us to see them! Sharing this project is the best way to help us besides delegating and purchasing PixelTiles ❤️

Enjoy your adventuring and the tavern nights!

Vledic Franco.

Rewards tx 1: 4a2e8f724f87038f97a0bd0e48c191ba110fb93e6144a81189d1bb11f8c83728

Rewards tx 2: 019b8ecf6dc681ec3971592d7f34e107488ae629239433bb98fac96309ae5922

Delegation 40829

Delegation 21802

Delegation 18000

Delegation 13516

Delegation 10565

Delegation 10404

Delegation 6731

Delegation 4284

Delegation 3527

Delegation 3211

Delegation 1943

Delegation 1861

Delegation 1720

Delegation 790

Delegation 566

Delegation 501

Delegation 500

Delegation 454

Delegation 301

Delegation 284

Delegation 269

Delegation 200

Delegation 195

Delegation 188

Delegation 173

Delegation 153

Delegation 151

Delegation 140

Delegation 130

Delegation 129

Delegation 116

Delegation 107

Delegation 103

Delegation 101

Delegation 101

Delegation 101

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