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Hello adventurers, Vledic Franco here, the second time we deliver rewards has been successful with all the 40 PixelTiles that has been worked on on the last weeks! As always I am excited to see where the community is going, what makes Cardano great is not just the top of the notch research and technology, is all the wonderful persons that I keep meeting.

Important to note is that for the next reward date (1st of June) the rewards rules will change, so keep an eye on our Twitter, Discord and/or blog for more information to come.

Thank you to our first delegators! It means a lot to me that you are supporting this project in its early days.

  1. Delegator Rewarded
  2. Delegator Rewarded
  3. Delegator Rewarded
  4. Delegator Rewarded
  5. Delegator Rewarded
  6. Delegator Rewarded
  7. Delegator Rewarded
  8. Delegator Rewarded
  9. Delegator Rewarded
  10. Delegator Rewarded
  11. Delegator Rewarded
  12. Delegator Rewarded
  13. Delegator Rewarded
  14. Delegator Rewarded
  15. Delegator Rewarded

Why did I received some Ada together with the PixelTiles?

There is currently a minimum Ada requirement for every transaction to prevent garbage transactions and keep the blockchain performant.

How often are the PixelTiles rewards?

Every 1st and 15th of the month.

Are they randomly rewarded?

Rules will change for next date, please follow our Twitter, Discord and blog.

What are the PixelTiles rarities?

Similar to popular RPGs/MMORPGs it is based on colors, each color represent how many PixelTiles of this type will be minted once and only once, for example right now it only exists 100 PixelTile #3 Necromancer and never will ever exist more under the same policy.

  • Common - Gray (1000 minted)
  • Uncommon - Green (500 minted)
  • Rare - Blue (250 minted)
  • Epic - Purple (100 minted)
  • Legendary - Orange (10 minted)

How can I see the current collection?

We will always keep at least 1 of each for record reasons, and can be seen in the Drunken Dragon Pool (DND) owner wallet.

Wallet stake1uxscpegn4t2as6qwqupm5t00et2gs95qm5fwx7gyz0246wqg5xhh8

How can I see my PixelTiles?

Use Smaug Pool’s tool https://pool.pm/, you can simply copy any of your “receiving wallets” from Daedalus and append it on the url address like so:

Imagine one of your Daedalus receiving addresses is addr1q92ud207pzspdpt8ywptmv8wlg26l8syh0ayk48rp90ltegufvhswpdcca36zk44q2u6qnkqf283fv8yshgkk3x4ffds2lpws9

then you append it to the https://pool.pm/ like this: https://pool.pm/addr1q92ud207pzspdpt8ywptmv8wlg26l8syh0ayk48rp90ltegufvhswpdcca36zk44q2u6qnkqf283fv8yshgkk3x4ffds2lpws9

I have a question, how can I contact the Drunken Dragon Pool team?

Join the Discord please! I would be very happy to chat.

Who drew the pixel art?

Me! But I am looking for a pixel artist to take some work from me, contact me if you know someone who is also passionate about making a difference in the world.