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Every 1st and 15th of the month, delegators are rewarded 1 PixelTile automatically based on a raffle system: if you delegate at least 100 ADA you are guaranteed to at least get a Common rarity PixelTile. The more you delegate, the bigger your chance of getting a rarer PixelTile. You must delegate for at least 1 complete epoch to enter the raffle.

You have nothing to do, Rewards arrive automatically!

Reward System

  • There are 2 reward dates every month, the 1st and the 15th.
  • Rewards are given automatically, 1 PixelTile per delegator.
  • A set of announced Epic, Rare, and Uncommon Pixel Tiles are raffled on each reward date.
  • Every 100 ADA delegated gives you 1 raffle ticket, every 1000 ADA gives you an extra raffle ticket bonus and every 10,000 ADA gives you another bonus raffle ticket, so for example, if you delegate 10,000 you will get 111 raffle tickets: 100 normal tickets, 10 for your 1,000’s bonus, and 1 from your 10,000s bonus.
  • The raffles goes in order, first, the rarest PixelTile is raffled, the more tickets you have, the more chances for you to get it.
  • When someone wins a raffle he takes the PixelTile and his tickets are removed for the next PixelTiles raffles.
  • The raffles continue until all rare PixelTiles are over, then the rest will receive 1 Common PixelTile.
  • You must be a delegator for at least 1 complete epoch to enter the raffle
  • We will always offer more Epic and Rare Pixel Tiles than whale delegators, giving even smaller delegator a fair chance to get something good.
  • There will be Pixel Tiles only obtainable through delegation.

Can’t wait?

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